Photo Tour: Los Angeles/San Diego Review

I never can get enough of Los Angeles, CA. Every time I arrive in this city its a whole new feeling of excitement. This is the reason I’ve been here 3 times over the last year. After I had that first taste, I was hooked and it just keeps getting better and on this trip, So much has shifted and uplifted our direction to another level. Being connected with and meeting a incredible group of professionals, friends and experiences, it was shown that networking a teamwork continues to build some of the best relationships in anyone could ask for.


This journey I was able to connect with some amazing and successful people that were incredibly humble but also hard working individuals. Nicole Aniston was so down to earth and very easy going to work with on set. She was nothing but very communicative and easy going prior to meeting and once we connected face to face….nothing changed. She was just an amazing person. Once we started to bond in front of the camera and build great images, nothing could stop us, except time. Haha. This next opportunity wouldn’t have happened without a very supportive and amazing friend of mine April Berry,  June the Writer and the TalentsCool team. I was connected with Zashia Santiago and her son Isaiah. Now I can see how this team June, Zashia & Isaiah) holds it together. Their bond is truly unmatched but also on the same level no matter the cause. A very well thought out and successful shoot came directly from them and with that I gained some great new friends and business associates.

Jessica Zenzen has not one shy bone in her body but she came ready a direct with it all. From never meeting or speaking to one another until about a week or two from me arriving, she was nothing but the very easy leveled to work with and be around. Connection was on point but that also brings me to the musician, vocalist and artist name Tim who is just incredibly talented. Theres nothing that can stop this guys ambition in what he does.

Lastly to one of my best friends that got back in front of the camera this time, I very much appreciate everything shes done for me since we met while serving over in Okinawa, Japan. Katelynn youve been awesome since day 1 and theres not a moment when I dont appreciate you. To Amanda Paris fan turned friends over the course of 10 years, its truly been an honor to have you as a friend. Ive seen you sour to incredible heights and you just keep surprising people. Theres no telling where you will take over next. Tonia one of my makeupartist, models and great friend that I met and collaborated with in Okinawa, Japan. From our previous photoshoot till now, so much has changed but its definitely in a life changing direction. We had the privilege to link up again and when I say someone grew a new set of wings, shes surpassed and accomplished that.

Thank you everyone for such an amazing trip and…..well THIS JUST IN…..I am already starting to think of my return for February/March time frame. I’m coming back.


man am I being spoiled with great people, I’ll take it. I like to surround myself my great people on a daily basis

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