Photo Tour: NYC Review

This travel segment included Experiencing one of the most popular, unmatched and historic cities in the world that I’ve been EAGERED to visit my whole life, finally became reality. Our Photo Tour to “The Big Apple”, NEW YORK CITY was a complete success. Something I’ve never experienced before. Even for a I wasn’t able to see everything I wanted to view as a tourist….the photography clients, the opportunities and the networking experiences was nothing less than phenomenal.

Calvin Gilmore of CalvinGFilms videography and a extremely talented videographer and really great friend of mine also took a hold of what NYC had to offer by capturing the life of the city and behind the scenes from our Photoshoots during the trip. In this trip I was able to work with some great people, including a woman we met while exploring Dumbo, New York.

First there’s Vanessa Bueno, a very talented model and actress and after a few years of knowing each other and everything, we were finally able to secure a shoot. We connected on all levels and completely took the evening by storm. Next will be Sienna. As we were exploring the Dumbo area of New York, we were captivated by her style and professionally asked for a few photos and we were blown away. Amazing images from a 15 min session.

Another mention will be Kim Ngo. She’s actually from Albuquerque where I’m located at the moment and previously worked with. She was in town for a WBFF Fitness Competition. From our last shoot, I want to say she’s made some incredible and massive improvements. This was a last minute shoot but by the images you wouldn’t be able to tell. Great display of dedication, fitness goals and beauty struck my camera that evening. Her video is now available on YouTube!!!

Last but not least, Shelley was visiting NYC as well and had a desire to connect and capture her modeling in the streets of New York. We definitely captured the New York street life and adding our own vision to it. These images have been submitted and may be seen in a future publication, stay tuned. Overall this Trip of Photography, leisure and travel was an absolute success and I wouldn’t change it for any reason. I’ve been able to create and live out many life changing moments and memories.


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