Photographers view: IBMS in Costa Rica

The event that started it all!!!

May 15th started it all. We (My wife and I) were on our way to Costa Rica to meet the new family and organization we became a part of that goes by the name of IBMS, (International Bikini Model Search) I didn’t know what to expect of our first event but I did know it was time to do what I do best for the next week whether it is Photography, networking, connecting with new people on different levels and stepping outside other boxes I have already broadened myself out of.

The first day we got off the plane and were welcomed by other members who arrived and were waiting to shuttle to the resort, really set the tone for the week. The exotic and amazing resort, Occidental Papagayo was unbelievable and the experience was beyond exceptional. Everything was taken care of for us. All we had to do was be wherever we needed to be. The all inclusive trip include so many accommodations, food, beverages, travel….the whole nine yards. One thing that was great were the nightly events that were put together for us. Star Wars costume night, Masquerade Party, All White and Black Party, Pool party and so many others events caped off the day with so much fun with everyone. We never felt out of place at anytime, got to meet everyone to include the owners, Patrick and Elina McKinney who were nothing but the best of host/hostess anyone could ask for.

Myself and a good number of us that attended for the first became part of  IBMS Class of 2017. Sitting along side of Playboy Playmates, Miss IBMS winners from the past few years, many photographers and models who have been with the company from the start or as little as a few months with many accolades and have been published in many popular magazines made it feel a bit unreal but it also felt where I belong. Many who attended this was their first international event with IBMS. The broad experience of personnel that attended was phenomenal with over 100 models, 78 Photographers, many Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and guests attended the event.

Not only with Photography but also got to explore on different excursions within the country of Costa Rica. So many things were available to go see and what we took advantage of was going Ziplining on the Congo Trail (First Timer) Horseback riding (another first time experience) and also we went on a ATV experience through the communities and jungles. Now I must say it was something like I have never experienced before and was absolutely thrilling from start to finish.

We connected with so many great individuals and built a ton of new friendships within the family. This was definitely more than worth the trip but I must say that it won’t be the last. Definitely look for more events and trips with my new family within IBMS. We are just getting started.



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